Unpacking the Gift of the Sensitive Life

God shows his Heart to us and through us in ways that can be unexpected...and intense.

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The Hope

Author Carol Brown has written extensively on these issues and more.  Her books address the unique challenges that face people who are hard-wired for high sensitivity. She brings encouragement, fresh insight, and new hope for many who have struggled without knowing why.

Carol shares valuable information from a variety of sources, carefully gleaned and presented from a solidly biblical perspective.  She shares practical wisdom from years of ministry and the crucible of her own personal experience. But even more importantly, she shares her heart.  With clarity, poignancy, passion and humor, she unpacks the mysteries of spiritual sensitivity and lays out practical insights to help highly sensitive people understand their unique design and calling.

I want you to know that you are not crazy; you are different. You are not wired like most people, and God has a reason for making you that way.