Sorry Folks!

I’ve had an ongoing battle with Word Press not giving me access to my own website. When I finally overcame that hurdle, it will not allow me to reply to questions and comments. I will try replying this way!

The comment was, “How can I get your books in South Africa?” And to that, my suggestion is to go to Amazon and order the digital copy. The shipping costs are crazy expensive! If you do not have a Kindle or prefer a paper copy, your local Christian Bookstore can order it for you.

Another comment was asking about a social hangout. My reply is to refer you to Leaderheart’s Discovery Group for HSPers at…  This is a Facebook group especially for Highly Sensitive People who are learning how to navigate life and thrive rather than just exist! David Tensen, the leader, is an Aussie and Elijah House trained and highly sensitive himself. We did two podcasts together that are on the site. You will find the group delightful, gracious, and understanding of the struggles HSPers deal with.

Speaking of books, we have a new one ! Through The Wilderness, finding God’s presence when all seems lost.


“Wilderness” is now available through Amazon

and (Summers Island Press is my publisher.)

Again, apologies to those readers I have been unable to respond to. May the Lord bless you richly.

Blessings, Carol

2 Commentsto Sorry Folks!

  1. Estherlin says:

    Praise God! I’ve been looking for you, desperately! Thought I was losing my mind, till I learned about HSPs and the spiritual gift of burden bearing. Now, I’m struggling to learn how to live day to day. It’s a painful and lonely life. Lately, I’ve lost hope and the desire to go on. Friends have been upholding me in prayer, but they don’t quite get it… I had just had a wrestling match with God, confessed my sins and cried out for help when your email arrived. Thank You, Holy Spirit!

  2. Ruth says:

    Hi Carol, no need to apologize. I know you poured your heart and soul into this book which I’m eager to read. I know you were led by the Lord every step of the way. One thing – I did send a request to join the facebook group days ago and it has not been approved. Is there something else I need to do to get approved…?

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