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By her own admission, Carol Brown didn’t set out to be an author.  But, she adds, “I began telling stories when I had enough brothers for an audience”  In the blog Carol ‘s Porch, she shares her ongoing personal story along with thoughts and perspectives on a wide variety of real world topics…focused through the lens of faith, loving, and living the highly sensitive life.

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JoyBlogJoy Starters

Real joy is a precious treasure.  And an essential ingredient in any kind of healthy life.  Joy Starters  is Carol Brown’s latest project, a blog about training your brain to find joy in the world.  It is also the working title of an upcoming book, being written by Carol in collaboration with author, speaker and counselor/trainer Chris Coursey.  Follow the blog and maybe even join in the conversation as they talk about nurturing joy and becoming Joy Starters!

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sassypantscoSassy Pants and Company

Follow  Sassy Pants the curious piglet and all her friends, along with their adventures and the lessons they learn along the way.  This blog is Carol’s way of sharing about the characters, the stories, how they came about, and the ways the Sassy Pants books can be used by parents and teachers.  Carol also shares some resources and activities to go along with the books.

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You can also find a couple short “Sassy Pants” videos over on Carol’s  Amazon Author page.

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CarolBlogInterviews and Videos with Carol


The Destiny Image Interview (2008)–Don Nori of Destiny Image Publishers introduces Carol and her new book, “The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity.  WATCH NOW

The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity (2010)–In this video, Carol discusses the issues covered in her book “The Mystery Spiritual Sensitivity.”  WATCH NOW

Highly Sensitive (2010)–This is a video in which Carol talks about “Learning to Live with the Gift of High Sensitivity.”  WATCH NOW

NEW…Burden Bearing (2016)–Australian Podcaster David Tensen interviews Carol on the topic of “Life as a Burden Bearer: Highly Sensitive People and the Spirit Realm”   WATCH NOW



3 Commentsto Carol Online

  1. Lynna says:

    I was trying to find your information on establishing boundaries as I am working with some middle school girls that are having a hard time doing that. I got this web site from the book Highly Sensitive in the boundaries section and how you had tips on that but can’t find them.


  2. Lisa Gourgon says:

    I am so grateful that you wrote Highly Sensitive! I knew about this a few years ago, but had so many others problems to deal with, I didn’t know how to follow up in this area. Your book has simply put so many things in order, that I have already started to bear burdens properly within a couple of days. I was already doing this, but dealing with it the wrong way: it left me isolated, alone, afraid and exhausted.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can see how this will continue to give me so much more freedom and understanding in my prayer life.

    Side note: I’ve order two copies of each book on highly sensitive, because I believe it is so important for those doing Christian prayer counseling to understand this entire area.

    So, right now, my question is, can I go through deliverance for another person? I have a friend that was in a terrible situation at the time, and I started heavy intercession for them, and I believe I was actually going through some deliverance for them, just so they would survive.
    My Pastor says it is possible, but the person I learned a lot of counseling training from says no. I believe I have also experienced this for myself, through other Christians.
    I am simply requesting your verification on the subject, because I have no idea who else I can ask.
    Again, thank you so much for stepping out in this area.

  3. Irene says:

    Carol, Thanks for “The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity”. Do you mentor Burden Bearers? I need a mentor. Thanks, Irene

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