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Your Practical Guide to Responding to Burdens
You Feel From God’s Heart

“ I don’t want you or someone you know, to have to live one day longer with an exhaustion or a sadness that seems bottomless.” –Carol Brown

This is a book about burden bearing.  It is about how the Holy Spirit connects you to other  people and their situations. You empathize, you feel what another feels, even absorb some.

This kind of intercessory prayer can affect you physically, emotionally and spiritually.  This book provides some straight talk from someone who’s been there! It is about the right and wrong way to respond to such sensory information. The wrong way makes your sensitivity feel like a curse. The right way leads to blessing and your destiny as a child of the King.   (Read More)  (Buy Now)

Free From God’s Heart:        A  Sample Chapter       




Understanding Your Gift of Spiritual Sensitivity

Once The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity was in reader’s hands, the loudest question was, ‘Now what? Where do I go from here?’ This volume attempts to answer that question.

As Carol Brown came to understand her God-given gift, she soon became a lighthouse for others who were struggling with the same gift. Personal experiences and the stories of others dot the landscape of her prose…stories of hurts and healing to which readers can relate.

Drawing on data from brain research, spiritual and emotional healing, and Biblical truths, the author carefully covers in-depth what a person needs to know to enjoy the way God made him or her.  Where the first book looks at how you are designed as a spiritually sensitive person, this book is about the issues highly sensitive people wrestle with daily and the inner structures you need to build to live a joy-filled life as a burden bearer, before the ‘gift’ kills you!     (Read More)  (Buy Now)  

Free From God’s Heart:  A Study Guide for Highly Sensitive





3 Commentsto The Books

  1. Elizabeth Anderson says:

    Hello. I just bought your 2nd book. It has brought me such understanding of myself and my gift! Thank you so much for writing it. I’m trying to find the exercises on boundaries your book mentions are on this website. Could you tell me where they are? I couldn’t locate them. Thank you and God bless!

  2. Irene says:

    Troubled and awake at 3a.m.I prayed and couldn’t sleep. At 4a.m. I downloaded Your The Mysteries of Spiritual sensitivity book. It’s 4:33p.m. and I’ve been crying for the bulk of twelve hours. I want to be unscrambled; I feel like a frog inside of a blender. Irene

  3. Kaelee says:

    I can’t thank you enough. I sobbed the 1st 50 pages because I felt for once I could understand the rhythms of my being in its entirety. This insight combined with knowing my enneagram number helps! I have a long way ahead of me but at least I have hope and direction. I have all your books but am doing this alone. I’m a mother of two tiny kids and I am struggling to figure out how to start. Any advice would be helpful. May the peace of Christ be with you, Kaelee

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